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Hole 1 starts with a delicate tee shot that requires strategic ball placement. The left hand side of the fairway is best for a tough second shot to carry the pond that protects the front of the green. Hit too far left, however, and out of bounds awaits!

A wide fairway greets you at this tee shot! Careful though, Unami Creek lurks in the distance for the big hitters. The fun begins as you hit to a large island green that is protected on the left by a bunker. Putting on this green is important, as it is usually one of the slower greens on the course.

Don't let perceptions fool you, this difficult Par 3 will give you all you can handle! A deep bunker to the right and another that runs across the entire back of this shallow green make it difficult to attack any pin placement on the right. The false front will also eat you up if you are short. Left is a good bail out option.

A good drive here can open up the opportunity to go for the green in two, but be careful; out of bounds lines the entire left side of the fairway. A tricky green that runs back toward you from the middle makes front pin placements easy to access. However, back pin placements are more difficult as the green runs away from you.

A fairly wide fairway makes navigating your tee shot  a little easier on this hole, though there is a small pond just to the left of the fairway that can wreak havoc on your drive. A large, accepting green awaits a mid iron in, but too long and you are in large bunker!

The sweeping dog-leg left on hole 6 makes it almost impossible to get home in two. You can, however, hit a mid iron over the fairway bunker and have about a 100 yard approach left. Watch out, a deep bunker protects the front right portion of the green; too long and your shot will roll off of the back!

Hole 7 calls for a slight draw for right handed golfers. A decent tee shot can leave you with a scoring club in your hand, but you're not through the woods yet! The green, while fairly large, has run offs to the front, left and back, with a deep bunker on the right. The hitting area on this green is small, but the putt is doable. 

Accurate hitters from the tee box can get to the green in one, but beware! The front half of the green is protected on both sides by deep bunkers, and a false front. The back half of the green is fairly wide but long shots will run off the gently slope in the back.

End hole 9 with a dogleg right. What looks like a very wide hitting area is protecting by a strategically placed bunker almost in the middle of the landing area. Shorter tee shots will have to navigate the drainage creek that runs across the entire fairway. An accessible green is protected on the back right and left sides by deep bunkers. 

Fairway position is of the utmost importance on this difficult tee shot. A draw for right handed golfers is the way to play. Be careful of the long bunker that lies on the right to catch wayward shots. A good tee shot will be straight up the hill to an elevated green, which is protected on the right by two deep bunkers. 

This picturesque short par 3 may only need a short iron because of the elevated tee shot, but it is well protected in front by a large bunker. Don't be fooled, many shots will end up off the back of green because of the hole's deceptive length.

Although this hole measures 495 yards from the tip, a draw shot from a right-hander could put you in position with an iron on to this green. The dreaded straight tee shot will be eaten up by the large bunker lining the right side of the fairway! This green slopes hard from back left to front right. Stay below the hole!

Hole 13 is a relatively short par 4, with a sloping fairway from right to left.  If you can keep your tee shot to the right, the green opens up from that side. This is another hole that you want to stay below the hole, as a downhill or side-hill putt will be tough!

While this is an average length par 3, a slight uphill tee shot makes it difficult to see the landing area. Beware: this shallow green is protected in front by two deep bunkers and in back by one long bunker the width of the green. 

When played from the tips, this hole can play as long as 630 yards. No matter where you play it from, however, it is a three shot hole. Two good shots puts you at the bottom of the hill with a short iron into a severely elevated green. The excitement does not stop there, though! A false front and a slope running from right to left make navigating the green just as difficult as getting to it.

Prepare to thread the needle with your tee shot here! A bunker to the right, one short left, along with a steep run-off left make this green difficult to hit. Only at 137 yards from the back tees, accuracy out weighs length here.

Hole 17 presents a pretty straight forward par 4. A good tee shot will leave you with a mid to short iron into a long but narrow green. Do not miss right, the green slopes hard from right to left, making pin placements on the right side of the green very difficult to get close.

A great finishing hole! A slightly elevated tee to a relatively wide fairway and a gentle dogleg right make for a great final tee shot. Bigger hitters can catch the hill and ride it for a few extra yards. The fun stops here though. This green is well protected in front and behind by four bunkers, making for a tough approach shot with mid to short irons. 


Fox Hollow can be challenging and fair for golfers of all abilities, ranging slope/course ratings:

Blue       70.2/123

White     68.5/120

Gold       67.5/120

Red         67.0/118


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